Challenge – Redesign the ERT website in a responsive format that utilized entirely new branding and messaging.
Solution – Starting off the UX process, my art director and myself developed a new sitemap that aligned with their updated messaging goals. From there I moved into high-fidelity wireframe concepts. The project had a very tight turnaround and development leveraged the wireframes to get the structure coded before visual design.
One of the goals was to have a site that could easily be expanded but had a consistent look and feel. As a solution, I utilized a component based (atomic design) approach to have a kit of parts that could be fashioned together to make any page they needed in the future. In total I created 12 modular components and a few custom cases.
After wireframes were complete and approved, I started visual design. The visual design was surprisingly a speedy process based on the high fidelity wireframes. Go on over to the site!
Art Director – Ivana Wong
Created At - Fathom Creative

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