Challenge – Global Health Now wanted a website redesign for their always updating content where sourcing images would not always be feasible. Additionally, they wanted to create a site that could be easily updatable with links and articles that they write and curate from around the web.
Solution – This is the concept for Global Health Now that I created in response to their initial needs.  In the past they had been publishing the articles and content in a daily email blast but wanted to create something more dynamic and could be seen by more than just subscribers.
I designed this layout which could be easily changed on a daily basis based on the CMS they use (Site Executive). Each section highlights specific content that they send out in the eblast such as a story of the day, exclusive content and trending topics. Other areas they wanted to include were a quick hits section that served as a populating RSS type feed and other sections of information that they publish such as commentaries and Q&As.
Creative Director – Matt McDermott
Art Director – Sam Borowy

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