Ora is a gesture-controlled virtual and augmented reality operating system that uses haptic holography to create interfaces you can touch and feel. Embedded behind the ear, Ora connects with the visual cortex to create realistic interfaces in the field of vision. Ora can also be controlled via voice, thought and sight.
For an in-depth review of this entire project, please see the accompanying website and PDF proof of the book. A hard copy of the book can be viewed in person on request.
The videos below seek to open conversation regarding our future of interaction with mixed reality. I believe that our main mode of communication with mixed reality will be through gestures. The videos show exaggerated forms of the micro-gestures which would be used when interacting with various interfaces.
Ease of learnability is a must when it comes to the future of interacting and the success of mixed reality. All of the gestures performed in the videos have references to natural interactions that we encounter on a daily basis. Of course everything new comes with a learning curve, however, it is my hope that the systems will be advanced enough to understand a desired outcome of the user. 

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