Challenge – Ellen Lupton is writing a new book titled "Design is Storytelling." She came to the Advance Publication class at the Maryland Institute College of Art where she tasked each of us with coming up with concept designs.
Solution – Under the guidance of Jennifer Cole Phillips, I was tasked with creating a potential layout for the writing. I read through the script that we received and it had a voice that was very relatable. There were moments when the author called to the reader's own experiences, and provided great mental imagery.

Most important, Ellen wanted her book to be readable, not just aesthetically pleasing. In the pages, I added a channel to house annotations that are referenced in the writing. I also created pop out pages in red with large text that pulls out a really important part of the writing. With readability in mind, I paired two very beautiful open typefaces with high x-heights, Tiempos and Acumin Pro for copy and headings respectively.

Advisors – Ellen Lupton, Jennifer Cole Phillips, and Jason Gottlieb

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