Challenge – Brand and design collateral for an imaginary museum from ideas generated by the curatorial practice program. I received the Museum of Visual Sound.
Solution – The Museum of Visual Sound seeks to change the way we engage and interact with sound. Sound, by nature, is usually experienced primarily through hearing. By visualizing sound, we can experience it in new and interactive ways. The museum showcases sound visualizations that create a dynamic atmosphere which stimulates both the visual and auditory cortices in the human brain. 
The final logo is, itself, a sound visualization made out of squares in the shape of a capital M. The idea evolved from old-school sound visualizations which used the height of squares to indicate how loud or quiet the noise was. I utilized the square motif in many of the collateral pieces to show dynamic the brand can be even with a traditional logo lockup and how it can be utilized across a variety of media. 
Once the branding and collateral designs were complete, I wrote a series of four Processing scripts that took auditory input and would display a visualization on the screen. The scripts were then displayed in a live gallery exhibition. To see them in action, let's grab a coffee!

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